Best Hair Straightening Brush For All Hair Types – The Ultimate Guide

Why is it that if you have straight hair you want it to be curly and if you have curly hair you spend hours making it straight? Since I am blessed (or not) with curly hair I spend hours on the straightening process every week. I have been through dozens of different hair straightening irons and hair straightening brushes over the years and have become quite an expert! Personally, I prefer the brushes to the irons, they are easier to work with and less likely to burn your scalp.

For me, the most important features of the brushes that I look for are ease of use, controllable temperatures and they must be durable and long lasting, I don’t want to have to buy a new one every few months. Aesthetics are important, I prefer not to use a brush that looks as if it has come out of an industrial factory.

Cost is always a factor, the most expensive may not always be the best and on the flip side, a cheaper one may work just as well, so check out the features and see what suits you.

Here are the top 4 best hair straightening brushes that I recommend.


1. AsaVea Heating Technology Brush – The best hair straightening brush

What I love most about this brush first off, has nothing to do with straightening hair! It is the fabulous Rose Gold color which is really elegant and classy.

But back to hair now and why it is the best hair straightening brush on the market right now – the brush feels good to hold, it is a bit heavier than a normal hair brush, but is comfortable in the hand. This brush must be used on dry hair, so air-dry or roughly blow dry your hair first, styling is not needed as the straightener will do that.

I liked the temperature settings that offer 7 levels and range from 330˚F to 450˚F. I set it at 400˚F which suited me fine and did not burn or scald my head. The brush was fast to heat up and took far less time than an iron to get my hair done. The brush comes with a neat storage pouch which is great for packing into a suitcase for weekends away. There is also a user manual which one can understand. I don’t usually read the manuals, but this one is fast to read and probably worth spending 10 minutes to do so. The device uses Universal voltage which makes it perfect for travelling when you are crossing borders.

The only negative I found was that the electrical cord is a bit short and I had to use an extension to get it into the plug and give me space to move around when doing my hair, but that was not a massive problem. The price of this device is in the middle of the range, it is not a cheapie but is also not the most expensive of the four.

2. Bestope Ceramic Heating Technology

This brush also comes in a cool pink color that is more of a baby pink than the first brush. It offers temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit which is great, but you need to be careful to select the one you want and then lock it in. Sometimes one can accidentally press the buttons and cause the temperatures to switch which is a problem. But once you know how to lock it, you won’t have this problem. You can set the brush to different temperatures, high for very thick hair, medium for normal hair and use a lower temperature for extremely fine and soft hair.

The brush is light and easy to hold and has a great advantage – it works on slightly damp hair, so you can save some time by not having to fully blow dry your hair before starting the straightening and styling process.

It heats up really fast and the tips remain cool, so you won’t scald your head. It offers 3 functions in one – a straightener, a detangling brush and a hair massager. The price is definitely on the lower end of the scale, making this real value for your money.

This brush worked really well on my curly hair and I was happy with the result. I also used it on my little girls hair, on a very low temperature as she has super fine hair. It supports dual voltage, 110V~240V and takes 1 minute to heat up to 365˚ – super fast!

3. Luma 3D Ceramic Brush

The Luma is a great brush but it does come at a slightly higher price than the others. I like the classy gray color and the blue bristles, that made a nice change. This brush also heats up really fast and has protection to prevent it from scalding your head. It has a really comfortable grip and is easy to hold and is much lighter than a straightening iron.

I used it everyday and my hair did not get damaged, I did put on a heat protector spray first though. The only negative is that this brush does not have a temperature setting. There is a light on the handle that starts off red and turns green when it is ready for use. If you prefer to select your specific temperature for fine or soft hair, you may not be entirely happy with this lack of control.

One great feature that made my day is the automatic turn-off into standby mode. I am always very careful about not leaving devices on but you know what happens! I rushed off to see what the kids were arguing about and left the brush on. When I came back I discovered that it had automatically gone into standby mode after 15 minutes and had cooled down. What a relief, no need to worry about setting fire to the house!

4. Gideon Heated Hair Brush

The Gideon is also well priced at the lower end of the scale. It comes in a stylish shiny black color with funky purple trims which is quite the in-thing for teens.

This brush has variable temperature settings and can be used in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can adjust the temperature from 176°F to 446°F very easily, so it is ideal for very thick hair to very fine hair. This brush also has an automatic turn-off feature that kicks in after 60 minutes of not being in use.

I liked the 360° swivel cord, it is really very versatile and makes the handling of the brush so much easier. You don’t end up with a twisted electrical cord that eventually breaks and renders the device unusable. This brush is comfortable to hold and the ceramic heat plates have rubber tips that prevent it from burning your scalp. The brush works very well and does not pull or snag the hair. If you are in a hurry, I would suggest first brushing your hair out with a normal brush, this makes the straightening process much faster. The bristles on this brush are slightly harder than the others, so if you have a very sensitive scalp you may prefer one of the others as a first choice. On the other hand, it does give a great soothing, massage feeling! The brush certainly is much speedier to use than a traditional straightening iron and it is safe to use on chemically-treated hair, colored or permed hair.

Better than the traditional iron?

A good hair brush straightener will work much faster than a traditional iron. They are also easier to use as you simply brush out your hair as you would do with a normal brush. You don’t need to spend time sectioning and clipping up your hair, which is really a help as most of us are not professional hairdressers.

Brushes are lighter than irons and are more comfortable to hold and manoeuvre around your head. They also have extra heat sealing features that protect you from scalding your scalp which the bare plates of the irons tend to do if you are not careful.

How best to use your brush?

All of these brushes work better, if not only, on dry hair, so wash your hair the night before, blow dry it or let it air-dry and then use the straightener in the morning before going out. First brush your hair with a normal brush to get the shape you want. I would then recommend spraying on a heat protecting spray or a hair nourishing spray, especially if you will be using the brush regularly, you don’t want to damage your hair with too much heat.

Then use the straightener brush following the same style. Pull it gently and slowly through your hair from the roots to the tips as if you are brushing with a normal hair brush. You may have to go over very curly sections a couple of times to get it straight. As you brush, the heat works to take out the frizz and curls, leaving your hair looking straight and glossy.

What to look for?

Variable settings – First, look for a device that has variable temperature settings. These are very versatile and can suit a range of hair types in a family. Use a high temperature for extremely curly or frizzy hair, a medium temperature for normal hair and a low temperature for very fine hair or for young children.

Safety next – Brushes heat up really fast, in a minute or less, so you don’t have to remember to switch them on long before the time which is a great time saving feature. Some of these devices offer an automatic turn-off function when the brush has not been used for certain amount of time. This is a great safety feature in any home and is a big plus for me.

Price – these hair straightening brushes range from about $30 to $80. They all do the same job and more expensive does not always mean better in this case. The best hair straightening brush has a very reasonable price in my opinion, however, the features are all very similar, so if you are starting out as a first timer, buy a cheaper one and see how it works for you before splashing out on a more expensive model.

I hope that these reviews help to reduce those bad hair days and save you time getting that great smooth, sleek and straight look!